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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stepping it Up!

I have decided that I will now be adding 100 crunches to my daily routine, and 15 minutes of messing around with hand weights. Can't hurt any, can it? lol

I feel like I have been lingering around the same weight and I want to see something significant by Monday!! I am thinking of taking a long bike ride on Saturday morning and putting in 2 hours of walking. It will be so hot, that I will have to add some swimming also lol

So, when I get home, I will look for my hand weights and be ready for when I watch tv. Is there anything you can do to step up your game?

Black Coffee = 0 points
Cottage Cheese = 3 points
Strawberries = 1 point
FlatBread = 1 point
Turkey Ham = 1 point
3 slices of Provolone Cheese = 3 points
Avocado = 3 points
Small dessert cup = 3 points
Potato = 3 points
Chocolate 3 points

Total = 21 points

Half of August has flown by....Lets make it count!!

Sea ya!!

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