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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Such a simple idea that can make such a difference in your life. Keep it Simple Stupid....we really need to strive to get to that point.... a life that is uncomplicated. The more simple we keep things, the more time we will have for ourselves. When our lives are in order, it seems easier to attain goals.Simplicity is a good thing....Try it and you will see.

Black Coffee = 0 points
Almonds = 2 points
Salad with asparagus = 3 points
Orange = 1 point
Oreo Delite = 1 point
2 egg omelet with 5 ham slices = 5 points
Salad = 3 points

Total = 15 points

Will tack on 3 points of something for dinner. Maybe a yummy ice cream =)

Sea ya!!

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