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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I went shopping today for some clothes because I really had almost nothing to wear. I needed some jeans for starter. I didn't know my size, so I got a 10 and an 8. Being optimistic, I go for the 8 and started putting them on....can you believe that they were toooo big!!!!! I was in shock, so I went and got a size 6 and though they fit on the waist, they were a little too big on the thighs!!! AMAZING!!! I ran out of time and did not get any jeans, but I did get a couple cute skirts and a bunch of Medium and Small tops!!!! Everything was so cute!!! Shopping is so much easier when you are not fat!!!

I still have to go back to find me some jeans, but until then, I can't wait to clean up my closet and hang all the new stuff!!

Tomorrow, I will be going to a Jack Johnson concert in West Palm Beach, so I took the day off to enjoy that full body massage at 10am and enjoy some relaxing time with the family, while listening to Jack play his awesome music!


28 Almonds = 4 points


WW Almond Joy = 1 point


Salad = 5 points

Chicken = 3 points


Grapes = 1 point


Soup = 2 points

Ice Cream = 2 points

Total = 18 points

Yesterday, I did my hour walk and added some lunges to my walk. It kicked up all the sweating and added some variety to the walk. I also spent some time pulling weeds, which was great for the legs. I will probably do the same today.

Tomorrow, I will wake up early, to get my walk done before the massage.

I will be too busy to blog tomorrow, so I will continue on Friday!!

Sea Ya!!


  1. Whaaaat?!? Where were you buying your jeans?? If this is really true...I have some shorts, jeans and capris I can give you! I'll bring them to the keys this weekend!


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