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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One of Them Nights

Have you ever had one of them days, where you eat a bunch of different things, but nothing really fills you up or satisfies you? Well, yesterday was one of them days for me. I kept having bites of different things, with no satisfaction. I was about to eat a corn dog and when I saw that it was 5 points, I put it away very quickly. This corn dog was about 5 inches long. I just looked up the point value for a corn dog at the fair and a small one is 6 points, while a large one is 12 points...CRAZY!

We have to be so aware of everything that we eat. Sometimes we kid ourselves that we are doing really good, when in reality, the points are way over, and when you get on the scale, the truth comes out. So don't kid yourself, journal every bite and if you are within your points, you WILL lose weight. There is no magic to this! I finally put the eating under control, by brushing my teeth, taking a shower and telling myself that the kitchen was CLOSED FOR THE NIGHT!!!

Black Coffee = 0 points
Almonds and Craisins = 3 points
Chicken = 3 points
Orange = 1 point
Almonds and Craisins = 3 points
2 Egg Omelet = 4 points
Turkey Ham = 1 point
Fruits = 3 points

= 18 points

Tonight I will walk and keep the eating under control!!

Sea ya!!

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