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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Knee

Can I tell you how important knees are? VERY!! You take it for granted when everything is working right, but I can tell you that whenever something in your body hurts or stops you from doing things as normal, it sucks!!

I have had surgery on my left knee, twice. It took a very long time to finally heal and start feeling better, but every so often, it acts up. On Friday, I walked/jogged and it felt great, but then the next day, it didn't feel as good, so I did not jog again. My knee was still not perfect yesterday, so I kept it to a walk only. It is so annoying when the mind wants to do something and yet your body tells you know. We must listen to our body and just go with the flow, so I guess I will run when it lets me lol.

28 Almonds= 4 points
Tortilla = 3 points
Chicken = 1 point
Rice = 3 points
Beans = 1 point
2 WW almond Joys = 2 points
Chicken = 3 points
Cucumber = 0 points
Mushrooms = 0 points
Potato = 2 points
Total = 19 points

Walking and sit ups tonight!

Sea Ya!!


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