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Friday, August 27, 2010

I Love Friday's!

Yesterday was an awesome day! My massage was very relaxing and the Jack Johnson concert was amazing!!! It was so nice to be with the family!!

Today is Friday and a nice weekend is ahead! The only thing I have planned is a Birthday Dinner for Yoli on Saturday! Since Yoli and Ada are on Weight Watchers, I am sure the dinner will be yummy and healthy!!....at least we hope!! lol

Almonds = 4 points
2 WW Almond Joys = 2 points
2 WW Lemon Cake = 2 points
Salad = 6 points
Sugar Free Rice Pudding = 1 point
Chocolates = 5 points

So Far = 20 points

I must stop eating all the junk!!!!! Yes, it is low in points, but eating healthy things is so much better for you. The chocolate eating is a no-no. I will not be eating anymore chocolate until I get to goal weight!!! ayyyyy yi yi - I hate not having control!!!!!

Since it is Friday, I will walk more than I normally do. I will try to get in a 1 hr 30 min walk!! The walk will include lunges, walking backward and arm raises.

Dinner will be either a zero point soup or a 1 point soup...if I am hungry! Let's see!!

Have a great weekend!

Sea Ya!!

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