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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Every single scale is different!!! Every hour of the day, you will weigh different!!

Today at Weight Watchers, I had a 3 pound lost and weighed in at 144.5. Is the gravity different everywhere also? lol lol

I have been doing really good, so I know that my body is shrinking. Today someone at work had to take a double take of me, because they said I looked very itty bitty hahahaha I love it!!! I know I have a way to go, but it sure is nice getting these kind of compliments!!

Breakfast = Black Coffee = 0 points
Lunch = Steak and Tomatoes = 6 points
Chocolate Cake = 3 points
Mentos = 3 points
Almonds = 2 points
Dinner = Tilapia and Tomatoes = 4 points

Total = 18 points

I will be walking tonight and cleaning the house!!

Sea ya!!!


  1. I think you should change up your exercise...go to the gym and do machines, or try a workout video...your muscles need to be challenged!

  2. ahhh, but I love to walk. when I do it alone, I jog every so often. Herman sometimes is very lazy. He is an extremist lol everyday, he tries to get out of walking lol Hopefully now that he has another goal, he will want to be challenged. Let me see if I can bike this weekend!



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