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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

5 Months till the End of the Year!

We are 5 months away from 2011. Five full months that we can accomplish something!!

I know that I will be wearing my wedding rings by the end of the year...I can't wait!!! At midnite, I want to say that "2010 was the year that I got rid of the excess weight"! And I don't want to still be ALMOST at my goal weight by December, I want to be AT goal weight and I want to be toning my body at that point!! I want to be learning how to maintain my weight. I have to make all of this happen and it will happen only with DEDICATION, PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE, PASSION AND PERSEVERENCE!! Will you be joining me in this goal? Will you be a hot mama or a spicy papa to welcome in the New Year? DECIDE AND DO IT!!!

Black Coffee and Toast = 1 point
Salad with oil and vinegar = 3 points
Steak = 5 points
Mentos = 1 point
7 Turkey Ham Slices = 1 point
Yogurt = 2 points

Total = 13 points

I will be tacking on 5 points and getting in an hour walk tonight.

Sea ya!!


  1. I cant believe we only have 5 months left this year. That's a scary thought!! I really hope I get my requirements done on time! This is stressful!

  2. You will!!! One thing at a time and eventually it will all get done! xoxo

  3. I definately want to be at goal weight too!!!! We've got to do it!!!


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