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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Many Inches of Fat

No, that is not me, but I do still have alot of fat still on me. All the fat will not go away, unless I stick to my diet and get to my goal weight. Though 135 is my goal weight right now, I will have to get there first to know how much more I will need to lose.

I am hoping that when I get home, that it will not be raining, because my body is craving a really good walk!!!

I have a high school reunion at my house on Saturday, so eating and drinking is going to be hard. I will give it my best shot though!! I know that on Monday, I will start my 13 day diet!!!!

Black Coffee = 0 points
Bran Muffin = 1 point
Thai soup = 1 point
Thai Cashew chicken = 6 points
Rice = 4 points
Spring Roll = 3 points
Thai Donuts = 3 points
Total = 18 points
Progresso Soup = 0 points

It's amazing how quickly the points add up when you eat out....shit lol

Sea ya!!!

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