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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do you realize?

Do you realize that there are 6 weeks before Halloween?
Do you realize that there are 2 months before Thanksgiving?
Do you realize that there are 3 months before Christmas and New Years?

Where do you see yourself for those holidays in terms of your body weight?

I will tell you where I see myself...I see myself at GOAL WEIGHT!!! I do not want to be strict dieting during the holidays. I want to eat at parties and not feel guilty. I want to be on a maintenance plan during the holidays. So, for this to happen, I MUST sacrifice NOW!!! I have to make this happen now, so that I can enjoy the holidays, the way I plan.

What do you plan on doing?

Salad = 6 points
Rice = 2 points
Fish = 2 points
Chocolate = 1 point
7 points
Total = 18 points

Will be doing a long walk today and I will be making my own pizza. yummy!!! I'll take pictures!

Sea ya!!!

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