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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Life Exists!!

Today is a very very special day in my life. Today I heard for the very first time, my grandchild's heartbeat and I saw my grandchild inside Nancy's belly!!! This is the true meaning of Love at First Sight. You always dream of this moment, but when it actually happens, it is truly a miracle. May God always bless this child with all the hope, dreams, love,health and happiness. I know that Nancy and Harold will be amazing, loving parents!!! Herman and I are going to be GRAND-PARENTS!!!! too cool!!

So this is another reason to continue to lose weight and exercise. I am going to need tons of energy to keep up with my little grandchild. I'm gonna be a hottie for a grandma!! lol

Sonogram = 0 points
Driving back to work = 0 points
Salad = 6 points
Chips = 2 points
Chicken = 4 points
Rice = 3 points
Canteloupe = 1 point
Candy = 3 points
Soup = 0 points
Total = 19 points

Life is good today.

Sea ya!!!


  1. I am sooooo very excited!! ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mom.. i was so happy that you were there with us today! I love yo sooooo much!

  3. This is gonna be an exciting time of our lives!!! I love you both to the moon!!!



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