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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Was there some sort of mistake?

Was a mistake made when they barely gave salads any calories and loaded up the ice cream with tons of calories? How about chocolate, can you imagine if broccoli had alot of calories and chocolate had none? Why did this happen? I wonder if carrots had a bunch of calories, would we want it as much as a piece of pie? I think our best bet is to truly enjoy the healthy foods and treat ourselves to the fatty foods once in a while and in small portions. It is our only hope, because if you want to maintain a healthy weight, fried food is not going to be your friend!

Black Coffee = 0 points
WW Chocolate Cake = 1 point
Salad = 6 points
WW Chocolate Cake = 1 point
10 points available

I will walk for an hour tonight.

Sea ya!!

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