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Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Challenge

Another weekend is among us!!! Are you up for the challenge? Will you succeed this weekend or just fail like before? Do you WANT to win? Then it is all in your control and your chooosing. I want to weigh 141 on Monday, so I have to fight hard to get there!

Laura, my niece, just started a weight loss blog and her challenge was to buckle down big time until Halloween, which is 6 weeks away. I am up for her challenge and my plans are to be at goal weight on Halloween. I WILL WEIGH 135 ON HALLOWEEN!

Are you willing to make a difference in your life in the next six weeks?

Cereal and 1% Milk = 4 points
Chips = 1 point
Rice = 2 points
Thai Squid, Shrimp and veggies = 2 points
Thai donuts = 3 points
Chocolate = 2 points
4 points
Total = 18 points

Have a great weekend and stay focused on the challenge!!

Sea ya!!

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