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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How do you lend a helping hand to someone that is in need of losing weight? Talk about a tricky question! I believe that you cannot help anyone, unless they want to help themselves. I guess you can provide motivation and inspiration and maybe that will be the push they need to get started.

Sometimes I wonder if I have helped anyone with their weight loss? I'll never know, because I know that many people read this, but they don't take the time to leave a comment. That's ok, because this blog has helped ME tremendously!!! At the end of it all, weight loss is a personal, individual thing that one must do for themselves. It's all up to you, it is your choice.

Pumpernickel Bread = 4 points
OJ = 1 point
Yogurt = 2 points
Salad = 3 points
Butternut Squash Soup = 1 point
Chocolate = 2 points
5 points available
Total = 18 points

No matter what happens, don't ever stop trying to help someone!!!

Sea ya!!


  1. You've helped me keep on track sometimes! ;)

  2. well, there is one person lol You are very self motivated and I hope you stay like that throughout your life!!!



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