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Monday, July 12, 2010

Weigh In and Weekend Update

Here are today's numbers:
Starting Weight: 170 lbs
Last Weigh In: 153.2 lbs
Today's Weigh In: 152.2 lbs
Weight Loss this Week: 1 lb
Total Weight Loss: 17.8 lbs
Goal Weight: 135

Not too shabby, huh!! I am officially half way there!!! woohooooooooooooo!!!

Are you wondering what Plan B is? lol Well, I have cousins that have lost alot of weight with a 13 day diet plan, and I just couldn't resist. It doesn't look that hard and can you imagine losing alot of weight in 2 weeks. Robert has lost 17 pounds on it and Ivett has lost 10 pounds so far. So what the hell, lets give it a try. Herman is doing it with me also.

Day 1 was yesterday. First we walked for 1 hour. For breakfast you get to have Black coffee. That is it hahaha I made 2 cups of coffee in the morning and we sat out on the terrace and sipped the black liquid lol. I really do not like black coffee, but I forced it down. We held out till about 1:00 to have lunch. Lunch was fabulous!!! We had 3 eggs, a stir fry of mushrooms, onions, zuchini and yellow squash and tomatoes with vinegar. I swear, this was really good and I would definitely eat this on a regular day. We went Kayaking afterwards with the doggies and then we rode bike for 45 minutes and then we relaxed in the Jacuzzi until our stomachs said "FEED ME".
I grilled a fillet of chicken for each of us and a grilled steak for tomorrow's lunch. I prepared the table outside and placed the piece of chicken on a plate. We both sat down and started cracking up, looking at this lonely piece of chicken lol. We decided to eat it VERY slowly and chew the food many times. Each time we did this, we would start laughing like a bunch of crazy fools lol The only other thing to fill up our bellies was water. Beleive it or not, we were not starving and felt very content. Day 1 - A Success!!!

Today is Day 2. When we woke up in the morning, Herman took his blood sugar and it was at 168!!!! I know that is still high, but that is the LOWEST he has ever had it in ages!!! AND that was without medication!! He will be monitoring that to see if that is a real reading. I got to work and had some black coffee. For lunch, I heated up my grilled steak and put some vinegar on my green salad. OMG, it was delicious. It is amazing how much better food taste when you are starving lol lol I am drinking lots of water and I am doing OK!! I plan on walking for 1 hour when I get home, and do a little landscaping. For Dinner, I will have 7 slices of thin ham and some non-fat flavored or unflavored yogurt. I am not wild about yogurt, but maybe today it will taste like a nice, big piece of coconut cake...I can always dream!!! lol

This diet is not Hell as I expected, but it's not heaven either!! hahaha

sea ya!


  1. OMG - you have made this diet sound like it's a breeze! LOL Grrrl, I give you major applause for it! You made your plates sound really nice.

    I can't believe about Herman's blood sugar. Well, I guess it helps when there is no sugar, preservatives, etc. in your meals. This meal is 100% natural (well, except for the black coffee I guess).

    Keep going!


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