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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mind over Matter!!!

That is Herman and I in the Bahamas dancing the night away!!! Notice the shirt how wet it was. That is because we walked over 3 hours also!!! Even when you are on vacation, you must stay focused on the goal!!! =)

When I got home last night, Herman was really hungry, so we decided to eat before our hour walk. We had 7 thin slices of ham and one cup of nonfat yogurt. It wasn't much, but omg, it was so good!!! It is amazing how sensitive the taste buds are when you are truly hungry!

Herman jumped on the scale today and in 2 days, he has lost 6 pounds. He is excited!!!

Day 3 - Today for breakfast we got to have a slice of toast with our black coffee. That piece of bread tasted heavenly lol. For lunch, I prepared a green salad with tomatoes, celery and cilantro. I will have some grilled asparagus over the salad. I also get to have an orange and lots of water!

If you are wondering if I am hungry, yes, a little, but not as much as I thought. Every time I get hunger pangs, I sip on water or I entertain my mind on something else. There are people that go without food for days, so eating this cannot be so hard. Of course, I am still missing all of my little snacks, but this is temporary!!! Soon I will go back to my wonderful Weight Watchers!

I am really excited about dinner, hahaha. We get to have a 2 egg omelet with 5 slices of ham in it and a nice, big green salad. Sounds great, right???!!!

Well, so far, so good!!!

sea ya!!


  1. You make the crazy diet sound pretty good lmao. Stop fooling us! lol

  2. I love that picture of you guys! Keep it up!!

  3. hahahah I don't know if it's because I was eating healthy already, but Herman and I are both Results Oriented people and we both are doing OK with it!! Herman is motivated because he sees the change in the scale! I have done worse diets lol This is a breeze!!!!!

  4. Aren't you excited to weigh in as well?! OMG - six pounds for Herman! He must be so thrilled!


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