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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Lobster Day!

Yesterday was the first day of Lobster Mini Season. Here in the Keys, THAT is a special occasion. Since Herman caught some lobsters, I made some Lobster Enchilada with shrimp and crab. We had it over rice with some cuban bread and tostones. It was absolutely delicious.

I did stay on plan, but it was not easy lol. Sometimes when it truly is a special occasion, we have to allow ourselves to enjoy the food with moderation. Lobsters do not happen daily, so this was special. I must admit, I could have eaten double or triple what I ate, but I controlled myself and stuck to the plan.

I did not get to walk outside last night, so I put on the Walking dvd's of Leslie Sansone and walked for about 50 minutes.

Today, I will be turning in my Audi TT =( The lease is over. It definitely was nice while it lasted and if you ever get the chance to splurge like that, a little convertible is definitely the way to go!!

Grapes and String Cheese = 2 points
Salad = 4 points
Onion soup = 4 points
Fiber Plus Bar = 2 points
Turkey Chili = 2 points
Flat Bread = 1 point
Salad = 1 points
Potato = 2 points

Total = 18 points

sea ya!!!


  1. What are you going to drive now?

  2. I will be driving Herman's Honda Pilot and we won't buy another car until he gets a job. He can ride bike, boat or motorcycle in the Keys!


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