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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No Deprivations Here!

One of the reasons that I do not feel deprived is because I eat these Weight Watchers Cakes. They are only one point and they are heavenly!! I am definitely a dessert person, so for one point, these little goodies hit the right spot!

Even though I love desserts, I have to be very careful not to eat too many points worth of desserts. It is more nutritious to eat fresh fruits then to eat junk. There are so many good fruits! Right now, I have cut up strawberries, pineapples, grapes and mango in my refrigerator. I love them all! Nothing like some cold fruit on a hot day!

So if you are feeling deprived just because you are trying to eat healthier, then you need to look for the right stuff at the grocery so that you do not feel that way. When you are deprived, you will not stick to any plan, long term. Remember, this is a lifestyle change and not just a diet!

All Bran Cereal = 2 points
Milk = 1 point
Grapes and String Cheese = 2 points
Quakes-Rice Snacks = 1 point
Bagel Thin = 1 point
Turkey Ham = 1 point
Provolone = 1 point
Chips = 2 points
Strawberries = 1 point
Fruit Dip = 2 points
WW Chocolate Cake = 1 point

So Far = 15 points

Salad = 4 points

Total = 19 points

Sea ya!


  1. Fruits are my favorite!!! Most of them are 1 point for 1 cup and they taste so good and fill you up!

    I never really crave desserts or chocolate (well maybe a peanut butter cup lol). I crave CARBS! lol

  2. I do crave desserts, but if I have one near, I just eat a bite and count it as a point. It is an expensive bite lol

  3. you should be a spokes person for WW...lol...but the truth is these desserts are devine for one point and do get you out of trouble!!!


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