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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 10 of the so called Hell Diet

When I got home after work, Herman was ready to cave in, because he was so hungry. I had to motivate him and feed him quickly lol Once he ate he calmed down a little, but he still needed some black coffee.

Then, we had a good hour walk. We Nordic ski walked last night ! That means that we held ski poles in our hands as we walked. We burned more calories and it also made us pick up the pace!! We loved it!

Herman was still hungry. I asked him if he wanted to give up and be on the list of people that were too weak to handle it? Obviously, Herman is competitive, so he buckled down and kept busy on the computer and drank lots of water and went to bed early lol lol Day 9 was complete and successful!!

Day 10 is a repetition of day 3. Black Coffee and toast for Breakfast, salad with celery, tomato and asparagus and an orange for Lunch, and then a 2 egg omelet with 5 slices of ham and green salad for Dinner. My taste buds are so happy when anything touches them!!! hahaha

Herman has dropped another pound, so his total so far is 17 pounds.

So lets talk about some non-related scale benefits of weight loss.

1) My knees have been doing much better!!!!

2) When I was standing up, after sitting for a real long time, I felt like an old lady trying to get some strength before actually walking. I am not doing that anymore!!!

3) I WANT to eat healthy forever.

4) I WANT to really get into exercise, so that my whole body will feel younger again.

5) When I wear clothes, I am looking so much nicer.

6) I feel revived and happier with myself.

7) I know that I will be having a fun time with Sandy's wedding plans. I am looking forward to buying my dress and NOT being the FAT mother of the bride lol

8) I am so happy that Herman and I are setting a good example for Nancy and Sandy.

9) I am gonna be a cute grandmother some day =)

10) I set my mind on something and I am accomplishing it. If I can do this, then I can do anything!!!

Eating less and moving more are NOT sacrifices. It feels good and this is the way that life will be from now on!!

sea ya!!


  1. Melinda, you are so motivated is amazing!!!! I wish I had a fraction of your motivation right now...Thanks for taking care of my brother and helping him lose weight!

  2. thanks Yoli. Believe it or not, the other day we were walking and Herman said the same thing, he said "thank for saving my life, I couldn't have done it without you"....I AM SO PROUD OF HIM!!!!!

  3. awww! You're 10 things are awesome!!! I can't wait to pick out dresses for you!!!

  4. I am definitely gonna have fun picking my dress !!! can't wait!!


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