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Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 13 - The Last and Final day of the so called Hell Diet

We have Tropical Storm Bonnie coming in, so when I got home yesterday, I cooked the chicken and we ate. Afterwards, we took the boat to my other house, where it is safer for the boat. Then we walked home, and walked for an hour.

I had two moments yesterday that I had to catch myself lol. I was cutting up mangoes for my mom and I was so close to putting a piece in my mouth lol It is torture smelling the mangoes!

Later on, I was making Ambrosia and I almost licked the spoon. I talked myself out of it, when the spoon was an inch from my mouth hahaha ohhhhh the sacrifice!

Day 12 was complete and successful.

Day 13 is a repetition of day of day 6. For breakfast, we had black coffee. For lunch, we get a quarter chicken with lemon and green salad. For dinner, 2 boiled eggs and a cup of grated carrots. And that my friends would be the END of the 13 day diet.

I will get a final weigh in tomorrow morning,

I don't really want to do this diet again right now, but Herman is all gung-ho about doing it again, beginning on Sunday. Let's see what I do lol.

It is weekend time and party time, I must now make sure that I still have control to be careful on what happens in the food department this weekend. Are you choosing to have a controlled weekend?

I will post again on Monday, cuz weekends are way too busy with fun!!

sea ya!!


  1. I cant believe you did all 13 days!! You are definitely the strongest person I know! lol

  2. hahahaha thanks,I was motivated and I really did not suffer any. I am gonna be a pretty mother of the bride!!!



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