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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Instructions on how to leave a COMMENT

I just came to notice now, that many of you are responding to the automatic email that my blog sends you when I do an update.

I am sure that everyone would like to benefit from everyone's comments, so in the future please do the following:

Once you open the email, clik on the link that takes you to the actual website. The link is http://www.melindaisonherweigh.blogspot.com/

After reading the blog, at the bottom of the blog that you are reading, it will say "COMMENTS". Click there.

It will take you to another page that will have a white box on it. Write your message there.

Then, click on the arrow, next to "Select Profile"

Then click on Name/URL
Type your name and then click "continue"

Then click "Post Comment" (if you do not get to the next part , sometimes you have to click again on"post comment".)

You should now see a white box that is a preview, with a "Word Verification" . You will need to retype the letters as you see them. Then click "Post Comment"

It should tell you now that it has been posted.

It sounds complicated and long, but trust me, this takes a moment to do.

It will be fun if everyone is being involved.

Please call me if you have any problems doing this. I will be more than glad to help you.



  1. well i see i am one of those that was responding to the email lmao! can you read them though?

  2. hmmm have you done it lately? I didn't see any of yours!!

  3. I sent you a reply today before I read your instructions on leaving comments...I'll start using this going forward! Thanks for educating us old peole...lol

  4. we are never too old to learn yoli!!


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