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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 12 of the so called Hell Diet

My next goal to shoot for is 139. omg, imagine that lol. My sister-in-law, Yoli, said "all you have to do is sacrifice yourself for 3 months and you will see huge results", and she was right. Losing weight has to mean everything to you!!

When I got home yesterday, we both were very hungry, so I set the table and brought out all the fruits and yogurt. It is funny how your stomach shrinks, because by the time that I had 4 slices of watermelon, I felt bloated and full. The fruits tasted so sweet!!!!

We ski-walked for an hour yesterday.

Day 11 was complete and successful.

Day 12 is a repetition of day 5. For breakfast, we had black coffee, boiled carrots and 5 slices of ham. For Lunch, we had 2 fish filets, boiled carrots and one tomato. For dinner, we will have one large piece of grilled chicken. I think this lunch has got to be the best lunch of all. The fish was amazing. I seasoned the tilapia with Badia's Complete Seasoning on one side and jerk curry on the other side.....talk about gooooood!

Herman has lost 20 pounds as of this morning. He has also been running 4 miles in the morning. Yesterday, he tried on pants and almost nothing fit him. Salvation Army will be receiving about 30 pairs of pants!! At first, Herman wanted me to put the pants in another closet, just in case. So, I said "just in case of what?????" lol I explained to him, how important it was to get rid of old clothes, so that in his mind, he knows that he will never, ever, ever, fit in them again! I got him to agree, thank God lol

He is so psyched about losing weight, that after he has Saturday with normal eating, he wants to do another 2 weeks of the Hell Diet. I am thinking about it and I just may do it, just to see him lose alot more weight. He has lost 44 pounds in total.

I am looking forward to my ski-walking later on today!! I am hooked lol

sea ya!!

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