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Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 6 of the so called Hell Diet

Once again, after work, we did another hour of landscaping and sweated like pigs. I try to stop always by 7pm, because by that time, Herman is almost passing out from hunger and weakness lol . For dinner we had a large piece of grilled chicken. It wasn't much, but it was satisfying. We ate out on the terrace and savored every little bite.

I had to clean more chicken to put a quarter chicken with no skin on the grill for tomorrow's lunch. While the chicken cooked, I cleaned up a bunch of chicken to put in the freezer. By the time it was done, it was 9:15pm. Herman tried to get out of the walking by saying that a storm was coming, and that he was still hungry and weak, but we all know that those are EXCUSES. Doing exercise was not an option. So we got out and walked for an hour. Herman was glad we did it. Day 5 was complete and successful!!

Yesterday was another anniversary day, because it has been 38 years that Herman and I have been together. Yes, it would have been nice to go out to celebrate these anniversaries, but this year, I have enjoyed eating at our beautiful house and sticking to our exercise. We will definitely be staying focused and determined. Nothing will stop us now!!!

In case you are wondering how much weight I have lost, today I got on the scale and saw a 3 pound weight loss in 5 days. Considering that I really don't have alot of weight to lose and that I was already eating properly, 3 pounds is alot!!! I would love to drop another 5 pounds before this is over!!

Day 6 - Today's breakfast was black coffee only. The coffee is tasting better now lol I love the smell of the coffee in the morning!

Lunch was so so gooooood!!! I had a skinless quarter chicken with lemon and a big green salad with salt, pepper and red wine vinegar. It definitely hit the spot.

For dinner, I will be having 2 boiled eggs and a cup of grated carrots. Those grated carrots are the only thing that I have hated on this diet. I loved the cook carrots, but raw with no dressing, sucks!!! I will have to drink alot of water to push them carrots down lol

I will landscape again, walk after work and probably do some house cleaning.

This diet is not sucking at all!!! (repeat, repeat, repeat, till I believe lol)

I will be posting tomorrow!

sea ya!


  1. Both Ian and I are so proud of you both for what you are accomplishing. Hope we will get to start this weekend....BUT, no promises!!!!

  2. hahaaha thanks Elena!!! I hope you do get started and enjoy it. I am glad to see you posting comments and not just lurking lol



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