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Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekend Time Again!!

Yesssss, it's weekend time again. I am still in the zone and I am excited for all the exercise this weekend!!! I plan on playing tennis, going to the gym, biking, walking and swimming. I will do good in the food department and be totally prepared. Don't let all your hard work go to waste by ruining your weekend.....fight for your goals!!!

Today's Breakfast:
Egg McMuffin = 6 points (You can make this sandwich only 5points if you do not use the creme cheese and jelly. 1 Bagel Thin, 1 egg, 1 lite provolone and turkey ham)
OJ = 1 point

grapes and String Cheese = 2 points

1 Hebrew Nat'l 97" fat free Hotdog = 1 point
1 hot dog bread = 2 points
Chips - 2 points
WW cake = 1 point

grapes and String Cheese = 2 points

So far = 17 points

Dinner will be a nice green salad with spritzer Asian Silk vinaigrette dressing and Salad Toppings, grilled chicken and veggie soup. Dessert will be half of a Skinny Cow ice cream Sandwich = 4 points

Total = 21 points

I wonder how much I will weigh on Monday? Can't wait to find out!

Have a fantastic weekend and be in control!!!

sea ya on Monday!

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