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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fruits and Salads

Fruits and salads have beautiful colors, don't they!! The more fruits I eat, the more I enjoy them. The pineapples and strawberries are so sweet right now and they are usually on sale at this time of the season!! I have been making the fruit dip also, which gives it a good kick!!

Fruit Dip
1 package of Sugar Free Vanilla Instant Pudding Mix
1 Cup 1% Milk
1 tub of Lite Cool Whip

I have always loved salads!! I am obsessed right now with a green salad that I am making, that I just simply love!!! It's simple also!! Spring lettuce, Salad Toppings (found in the dressing section), Spritzer Asian Silk dressing and sweetened walnuts (or is it pecans- can't remember). I make a big bowl and it's only 4 points!! It is very satisfying and healthy. Lots of Fiber, that your body will love you for it!!

I don't know if it's my imagination, but I feel more energized lately!!! THAT is a good thing!!

3/4 cup of Oh's cereal = 2 points
Quakes Rice Snacks (10) = 2 points
Lunch - eating out at Bargello Bistro
Salad = 8 points
1 bread and hummus = 2 points
a few bites of awesome chocolate lava cake with ice cream = 2 points
a few bites of creme brulee = 2 points

so far = 18 points
Veggie Soup = 0 points
Salad = 1 point
Veggie Patty = 2 points

Total = 21 points
This is my lunch salad, and it was absolutely wonderful!!!!!

Am I being good or what??? wooooooooohooooooooooo!!!

I am excited about weighing in on Monday!!!!

Have a great weekend, sea ya!!


  1. That looks very yummy!!! i'm gonna have to try that one! You did great this weekend! Can't wait to see your Monday post!

  2. The restaurant has yummy food. You gotta go sometime! xoxo


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