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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's All Mental

Sticking to a diet is all MENTAL. When you set your mind to something and you stick with it, any diet will work. Sometimes you even have to talk to yourself. When I am about to eat something that I did not plan, I find myself talking to myself on how many points do I have left and to stay focus. After that internal conversation, I usually win!!

It's not easy, but it is so worth it! Afterall, the food will always be there and if you are in control, you can always be careful with your portion size and plan what you will eat, and still not miss out on any of the foods.

When my friends are tempting me to eat, and say, "but it's only today", I must resist and let them know that I am on a mission. Only I know what I can and cannot eat for the day, and I will not let anyone derail me.

Are you mentally there? What does it take to get you in the right frame of mind?

When I gain weight, my midriff gets bigger than my tummy, so what happens is that my panties would roll downward to bikini instead of stay on my waist. I HATE THAT!!! You have no idea, how uncomfortable that can be!! As I am losing weight, they are rolling down less and soon they will NOT roll down at all...I will fight to make that happen. I will lose weight, so that I am comfortable in my clothing!!!!

Lite Egg McMuffin = 3 points
Lite Tropicana OJ = 1 point
Grapes and String Cheese = 2 points
Veggie Patty Sandwich with Provolone = 4 points
Chips = 2 points
WW chocolate Cake = 1 point
Grapes and String Cheese = 2 points

so far = 15 points

Dinner will be:
Barbecue Chicken = 4 points
Roasted Veggies = 1 point
Pineapple = 2 points
Fruit Dip = 2 points

Total = 24 points

On track!!!

sea ya!!


  1. I never knew that about your panties! haha! I guess everyone has their pet peeves!

    I can tell in my stomach! I have to look at it every day! lmao. unfortunately, my ass and thighs never seem to get any smaller!

  2. OMG I hate that panty thing!!!! That is one of the things that has gotten on my last nerve and putting me in the right state of mind to start losing some weight!! And yes.. mental is a HUGE part of this fight!

  3. hahaha Nobody knows how uncomfortable the panty thing is unless it happens to them lol shit lol lol


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