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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Setting my first goal

I will be going on a couple of vacations in June, so it's time to set a goal now. Is a 3 pound weight lost every week attainable?? I think its possible, but it may be a little too much. I have 5 weigh ins before vacation, so lets say between 10 - 15 pounds. It is definitely doable. 10 for sure and 15, we can strive for =).

I didn't get to walk last night, because I did grocery, then cooked, then clean, then just did stuff. NOT GOOD!!!! I need to make time. It has to be a priority. I need to get out of the house at 7pm and exercise till 8pm. It must be part of my routine and nothing should stop that. Unfortunately, today, I am having a get together with some old friends and I won't be home till later.......sooooo no exercise today either. Tomorrow, I WILL EXERCISE!!!!

Food wise:
Grapes and string cheese = 2 points
Fiber Plus Bar = 2 points

I went out to eat lunch with the girls and we ate at Borgello Bistro at the Falls. DELICIOUS!!!

I had one coconut shrimp, a little calamari and an incredible fresh salad with a few bites of dessert. I will count it all as 16 points. It is so hard to be accurate on points when you are eating out =(

Dinner will also be unknown, because everyone is bringing something to eat. I must be determined today!!! I will get a plate and eat only 5 points worth of food and no drinks. I will concentrate on the conversation and enjoy the company. NO CHOICE!!!

I have set a goal and now I must work at achieving it!!!

Do you have any real goals set?

sea ya!!


  1. Melinda I must say that reading this is keeping me totally up for the task! It's like I feel like we are doing this together! lol. I'm not alone! lol. Everyone one struggles with this! Thank you for your BLOG lol

    Love ya


  2. I am having a great time doing it. It keeps you in sync!! we are gonna be hotties before you know it!! lol


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