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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Picture Progress Update

Here I am at 198.

Here I am at 170.

Here I am at 159.

I see the difference, can you?
It feels so good for the weight to be coming off and to see how different you begin to look in pictures.
I will be posting another picture when I am at 149. omg, I will be ecstatic when I am at that weight!!!
Grapes and String Cheese = 2 points
Granola Bar = 2 points
A bagel Thin = 1 point
Turkey ham = 1 point
Lite Pepper Jack Cheese = 1 point
Tomato and Lettuce = 0 points
Strawberries = 1 point
Fruit Dip = 1 point
WW Chocolate Cake = 1 point
So Far = 10 points
1 Ear of Corn = 1 point
My Salad with Goat Cheese = 4 points
Veggie patty = 2 points
Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich = 2 points
Total = 19 points
Gotta make this a great week!!
sea ya!!


  1. Big Difference! Looking Good!! :)

  2. You can definitely see the difference.. Looking great! Keep it up Girl! Here's a website for you to help you keep it interesting and keep from getting bored it has WW recipes and includes the points www.skinnytaste.com Hope you like it! Let me know. <3 Arleen

  3. awesome site Arleen!!! thanks!!! I had never seen this before!!!

  4. WOW MOM!!!!!!!!! What a difference!!!!!! I'm so freaking proud of you! Congrats! KEEP IT UP! xoxo

  5. thanks!!! NOTHING will stop me, God willing!!!! xoxo

  6. Glad you liked it.. I'm always looking for new ways to spice things up so I will definitely keep you in mind when I see anything worthwhile. Don't worry I can see it in your eyes in the pics... That's pure DETERMINATION and nothing with stop u! And with the support of your family that just gives you that xtra needed UMPH! Arleen

  7. the eye of the tiger!!! =)


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