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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

These Veggies are AWESOME!!

When you are dieting, you better be happy with what you are eating. Here is a simple way to have your veggies and it is absolutely delicious.

half green pepper
half yellow pepper
half red pepper
half orange pepper
one white onion
some parsley
some cilantro
complete seasoning
olive oil.

Then I remembered I had some mushrooms, so I added that in there also.

I turned on the grill and cooked the veggies until they are somewhat cooked You want to keep them crunchy. Here is the final product and it goes well with absolutely everything!!!

If you think you can't cook - ANYONE can cook this!!

Today's meals...


1 Bagel Thin = 1 point

1 egg = 2 points

Turkey Ham = .5 points

Creme cheese and Jelly = 1 point


Fiber One Yogurt = 0 points

Oh's Cereal = 2 points


Hebrew Natl Hotdog = 1 point

Lite Hotdog bread = 1 point

Chips = 2 points

Angel food cake and cool whip = 3 points


WW Lemon Cake = 1 point

So far: 14.5 points

Dinner will be:

Salad with Salad Toppins, glazed Walnuts and Vinaigrette = 3 points

Asian Veggie Patty = 2 points

half of Skinny Cow Ice Cream sandwich = 1

Total = 20.5 points

I will walk for an hour when I get home again. Going to go hit the gym now before lunch!!!! yaaaaay!!!

sea ya!!


  1. MMMMM! That looks so good! I'm gonna try it tonight!!! =D

  2. Make sure to spray the pan with Pam before adding the veggies!



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