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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time to Get Back on Track

Today's Numbers:
Starting Weight: 170 lbs
Last Weigh In: 142 lbs
Today's Weigh In: NONE
Weight Loss This Week: ?
Total Weight Loss: 28 lbs
Goal Weight: 135 lbs

I had all intentions to weigh in today and I totally forgot. It is amazing how quickly you can get lazy. Maybe I subconsciously did not want to know what I weigh? maybe lol

Yesterday, I was so tired, but I forced myself to grab my music and walk for an hour. It felt so good, once I was done!

I have many luncheons planned ahead, but I have to start controlling everything else. It is too easy to make excuses to get off plan. I must exercise daily and start sticking to plan. Starting today, I will eat healthy and focus on what I need to do!
I will definitely take a weigh in next Monday, which will be November 1 and I have nothing planned for the weekend.

Gotta do my groceries tonight! It ain't easy, but I won't give up!

Sea ya!!

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