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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween is on its Way!!

Normally, I would start buying alot of candy already for Halloween and what would happen is that it would be all eaten prior to Halloween and then I would have to go out and buy a new batch for the neighborhood kids. Not this year!!! No candy until the day before Halloween!!! No temptations need to be in the house.

As it is, I always have chocolate Hersheys, in my mom's room, because she loves to eat it. Sometimes it is very hard not to touch her candy =) lol If we can just skip over Halloween, then the holiday season would not start for another month on Thanksgiving! So we have about 5-6 weeks left before Thanksgiving. Are you going to be ready, weight wise? I am!!!

Black Coffee = 0 points
Chicken = 5 points
Salad = 4 points
2 Hard Boiled Eggs = 4 points
Carrots = 1 point
Total = 14 points

It's not worth losing momentum on the diet plan just for some ghost and gobblins!!

Sea ya!!

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