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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Scale vs Melinda

Are you wondering how I am losing the weight?  First of all, my week is busy with weigh ins, so there is no time left for any cheat meals!

Here is my schedule:

Thursdays - Weight Watchers at work
Monday - Weigh in Update here
Every other Wednesday - Weigh In Team Meeting

The less cheat meals I have, the faster I will reach goal.  I shouldn't even call them cheat meals, because they are meals that I indulge myself.

Even though the scale is just a number...to me, it is an important number, because it tells me if I am eating right or not. I may not lose anything in a week, but I will in a month.  They say you should not jump on the scale so often, but I need it.  They do say that if you are on maintenance, that you should jump on the scale daily!!!

Tomorrow, I will tell you what I have been eating!!

sea ya!!!

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