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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stress Eating?

Is there such a thing?

I do feel stress right now in my life, but I think because I am in that "zone", I am doing the opposite, by not eating. I couldn't eat dinner last night and I wasn't even hungry. I know that if I don't eat, I won't lose weight, so I will have to stick to plan and eat no matter what!! I have to eat to keep the metabolism going.

If you are wondering why I am stressed, it's because Herman still does not have a job. When we go for walks, all his negativity and reality comes out and it burns a hole in my stomach. He talks for one complete hour of all the bad ramifications if he does not work lol lol it drives me crazy lol So I take deep breaths, I look out to the ocean, I wish upon stars and I try to stay calm and optimistic. I continually remind myself that my life is in God's hands and He has the plans to my life. I must continue to have faith. I WILL NOT allow stress to alter who I am!!!!
Fiber One Key Lime Yogurt = 0 points
Grapes and String Cheese = 2 points
Veggie Jamaican Patty = 7 points
Flat Out Bread = 1 point
Turkey Ham = 1 point
Provolone = 1 point
Avocado = 2 points
Fruit Dip = 2 points
Strawberries and Pineapple = 2 points
Half Chicken Patty = 4 points
So Far = 22 points
Progresso Soup = 0 points
I ate way too many points in the day. =(
I am going to walk for an hour when I get home.
sea ya!!


  1. Its funny how opposite you and papi are.. I guess it balances out in the end.... I'm sorry you feel so stressed.... I LOVE YOU!

  2. hahaha we are different, but yet we are so alike lol I am sure that there are better days ahead....like this fun weekend coming up!!!


  3. Yea...when Papi would sit for lunch while I was on vacation he would go on and on about all the bad things that could happen...I didn't like his thinking lol...too much reality! I always like the way you think!

  4. He over analyzes and sometimes that is good, but they say that people usually are worrying about things that will never happen. so i won't worry unless i need to lol



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