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Monday, June 14, 2010

Weigh In and Weekend Update

It defintely was not easy staying on track!

I had a little of everything, but all under control. I was well aware of my portions!! There was such a good breakfast buffet. Under normal circumstances, I would have eaten so much more!

Why is it that sometimes all people can do is worry about their next meal? Herman was totally out of control and he paid for it with a 5 pound weight gain.

Luckily we got home early on Sunday and we were able to walk for an hour and bike ride for 45 minutes. I think he was going to exercise all day today, because he felt so guilty about losing control and being back at 252. lol I don't think all that eating was worth it!
Food is so good, but being fat sucks. Moderation is the name of the game!!!
So I jumped on the scale this morning and was down .3 lbs. It's better than nothing, so I will take it!!! I could have done more exercise during the weekend, but I was lazy to wake up and hit the gym...I have to work on that!! Being lazy gets you nowhere!

Today's Numbers:
Starting Weight: 170 lbs
Last Week's Weigh In: 156.5
Today's Weight: 156.2
Weight Loss This Week: .3 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 13.8 lbs
Goal Weight: 135 lbs

One Bagel Thin = 1 point
One Egg = 2 points
Turkey ham = .5 points
Creme Cheese and Jelly = 2 points
OJ = 1 point
Grapes and String Cheese = 2 point
One Flatbread = 2 points
Turkey ham = .5 points
Lite Provolone = 1 point
lettuce and mustard = 0 points
Strawberries and Fruit Dip = 3 points
Grapes and Sting Cheese = 2 points
So Far = 17 points

Salad = 3 points
Total = 20 points
I will be going on vacation to the Bahamas for ten days starting on Thursday, so I must mentally start preparing myself for it.

sea ya!!


  1. I can't believe you lost weight this weekend! That's awesome!

    I think you need to bring a whole separate cooler for yourself in the Bahamas! lol. THat's gonna be a tough one!

  2. hahahaha Herman promised that he would wake up every day with me so that we walk an hour at 7am.

    It definitely will be hard, but I will give it my best!!!



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