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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Will Blogging help me get there?

My name is Melinda and I am an official fat ass lol (I couldn't resist) The picture above was taken before this dieting session in 2008. I weighed here about 198 and I said there was NO WAY I would get to 200, so I started Weight Watchers....


Create a blog, pick a template and start blogging....that's it?? hmmm I have a feeling that I will need Nancy's help, so that I can make it pretty and have pictures and put all the bells and whistle's on it.

Purpose of this blog: To aid in the continual Battle of the Bulge hahaha. I figured that it can't hurt any! I have been reading some blogs, and I find them so motivating and inspiring but yet not enough to get me going. So now I am accountable to Ms. Blog and I will tell her about EVERYTHING....and if by chance, this helps anyone, then I got the bonus plan!!

Goal Date: December 31, 2010....THIS IS THE YEAR!!!

Why: I am tired of not achieving my goal. And when I have achieved it, I cannot maintain it...so NOW is the time for a change. I WILL achieve my goal by the end of the year!!!

Well that's it for right now. I want to make sure this bloggy thingy is working lol

That's the WEIGH I do it...



  1. I can't believe you were 198 in that picture!!!

    I KNOW you can do this. Don't give up and exercise a lot :)

    I believe in you. Good luck!

    I love you!

  2. Sandy, you are my first comment...congratulations!!!! You have just won a 45 minute walk with me next time you come to the Keys!!!

    Yeah, I have gotten really good at maintaining at around 170 lol lol but its time to go down again!!

    How do you like the site so far? lol xoxo

  3. You go girl:) Sticking to a diet is probably the hardest thing to do but knowing you, it should not be that difficult. Congrats on aiming for the stars and good luck on the 5k walk. No cheating allowed!!!!!!!

  4. hahaha thanks Gail. Make sure you read your emails because we are having a dinner at Laura's house to say goodbye to Jennifer, since she is moving to Iowa!!

  5. I hope you did well this wkend! I went running again this morning! Only went once last week and I was so not in the mood to go again today but I did. I made it running from the house to John Penne and walked and ran part of the way back! Gotta keep it up! We can do this!


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