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Thursday, April 22, 2010

oh oh...Weekend Time

"A weekend isn't a 'weak end' to the hard work you put in during the week"

I found this quote on one of my Weight Watcher brochures. The sentence is so true. We work so hard to just screw it up on the weekend, when in fact, we should have more time to put in some exercise, just in case we want to eat or drink a little extra.

Yes, it is a sacrifice. No matter how you put it, if you do not sacrifice, then you will not get the results that you are looking for!! NO CHOICE, NO SLACKING. I want Monday's to come along and I want to be happy that I did great on the weekend. This is a choice that I have to make and I am making it to help myself achieve my goals!!

I have a wedding on Saturday, and I intend to stick to plan, and do alot of dancing and mingling. Will you sacrifice this weekend or will you let the weekend do you in, once again...it's your choice!

I packed my lunch today and ate my usual 12 points. I have decided to add another point by adding a sugar free hot chocolate at about 3:30pm. So far 13 points.

Here is my dinner from last night...

1 Jennie-O Turkey Sausage = 4 points
Edamame = 0 points
Banana Smoothie(1 Banana, 1 cup 1% Milk, 1 pack splenda) = 4 points

That's it. That made 22 points for yesterday. 2 points from my Weekly Allowance.

LIME TIME....sea ya on Monday!


  1. keep doing it melinda omg yo me muero with that dinner eso se me queda en la muela! lol but you GO GIRL! I know you can do this! We can ALL do this! We just have to stick it thru. ANY diet works it's just the PERSISTANCE we put into it. Whether its weight watchers, jenny, nutri system they all work it's just sticking to it! Keep it up!

  2. I'm always inspired to see some one work had for a goal. I pray you keep up the hard work and you get better results then you wanted at the end of this. :)

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  4. hahaha thanks for the motivation!! I know that dinner looked small, but remember that I only get 20 points per day and really, that is not alot lol. I could have added some zero point veggies, but believe it or not I was full, and I didn't want to cook any more veggies lol I could also make a zero point soup that you can have anytime that you are hungry. In fact, I will make that soup on Sunday, cuz its a life saver. Progresso, makes a zero point soup also, that I heard is yummy!!

  5. I'm glad you finally got on the blog mom! I think this is going to work good for you! You might even inspire me to start writing about how horrible I do on the diet! lol... Good luck and STICK TO IT this weekend! I KNOW YOU CAN! I LOVE YOU! xoxo

  6. Melinda, I definately need some motiviation myself!!! I have already gained 20 of the 30 pounds I lost last year. The main reason??? I stopped walking!!!! For me that is the trigger for losing weight...but I have been giving excuses every day why I don't walk anymore...I'm going to join you on your quest to losing weight and promise I will start walking at least 30 minutes 5 times a week. That is my promise for the next two weeks!!! Good luck!!! Yoli

  7. Yoli, that sounds like a good challenge. I will join you and I will also do 30 minutes, 5 times a week. Are you doing the Corporate Run? Yoli, you should have continued coming to WW free on Thursdays and that might have helped you out.
    Well one thing I know for sure, is that you will lose it again lol we gotta learn how to keep it off!!

    Nancy, you inspired me to blog and I really needed something to help me lose weight, so hopefully if everyone visits me here daily, maybe we all get skinny together!!!

  8. I can eat edamame forever. Sam's Club sells them frozen and they are awesome! I didn't know they were ZERO points! You go girl!

  9. Let me rephrase that. The edamame is only zero because of the amount I ate. 3/4 cup is 1 point!! and its deeeeelicious!!

  10. Is the 3/4 cup for everything included...or just the actual beans you eat?

  11. hmmm good question Sandy. I gotta read the label better. It would be awesome if it were just the beans lol It is such a good snack to have while you are dying of hunger and you are preparing dinner !!

  12. I just read your whole blog....keep it up!!!! I can't wait to see the after picture because I KNOW you can do this. :) Keep it up!

  13. thanks Lissette!! xoxo


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