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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weight Watchers

I have been a Weight Watcher forever! I love the plan and I think it's the one that is most normal and realistic. It works great, especially when you are actually doing it lol.

We had another birthday party today for one of the bosses, but I did not touch the pastries, because I was prepared and brought in my lunch.

Breakfast: grapes and string cheese
Snack: Granola bar
Lunch: Bagel Thin bread, half a serving of ham, lite provolone cheese, tomato, mustard, baked chips and a WW chocolate Cake
Snack: grapes and string cheese and 100 calorie chips ahoy bag
14 points so far.

I won't be writing down my Breakfast, Snacks and Lunch anymore, because basically, if I bring my lunch...that is what I usually eat....I stick to about 12 points during the day.

I think what I will be doing, is writing what I ate for dinner, just to be accountable.

Thursday's is my Weight Watcher Day. We have a good group going there and we have a good time.

I am feeling alot more in control now that I am doing this blog. I was about to eat something late last night and I talked myself out of it....that deserves a pat on the back lol

Have you done anything lately to deserve a pat on the back?

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