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Friday, April 30, 2010

Organized and In Control!!

What a great feeling to be ORGANIZED AND IN CONTROL. I have done absolutely perfect with all my points in the eating department!! Food is not tempting me and I am not having any freakin cravings. What a feeling!!! When food used to control me, I would be so aggravated with myself. Lets face it, I LOVE FOOD, always have and always will. So I will not starve myself, but I will find the foods that satisfy me and keep me happy. Sacrifice all the goodies for now....NO CHOICE...no leniency....I am on my weigh!!!

I am slowly organizing everything in my house and yard also. I find when everything is organized, then I have more time to take care of ME.

Monday is weigh in day!! I wonder what it will say? lol....stay tuned!!!

Today's breakfast:
Egg McMuffin My way with Tropicana Lite OJ = 6 points
Snack: grapes and string cheese = 2 points
1 hotdog = 1 point
1 bun = 2 points
chips = 2 points
WW chocolate cake = 1 point
Snack = grapes and string cheese = 2 points
So far = 16 points
Dinner will be...
1 Veggie pattie = 2 points
huge lettuce and tomato salad with dressing = 1 point
bowl of veggie soup = 0
1/2 of Skinny Cow Mint Ice cream Sandwich = 1 point
Total for the day = 20 points

It's weekend time, and I plan to do really really good. I will exercise, eat right and enjoy life!!! I will be looking forward to jumping on the scale on Monday!!!

sea ya!!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your posts! They motivate they encourage and I know YOU can do this. WE CAN ALL DO THIS! Keep up the GREAT work!~

    Love ya!

  2. Thanks Jenny!! Let's stay focused and give this top priority!!!


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