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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Admin Day

Food, food, food lol... it's everywhere!! Celebrations have to include food!! ay yi yi

I brought in my lunch to work, so hopefully it keeps me on plan.

Breakfast: Grapes and String Cheese
Snack: Went out and did my hair!!
Lunch: Bagel thin, 1 ounce of ham, 1 FF cheese, tomato slice and baked chips. Chocolate WW cake
Snack: Grapes and String Cheese
no no's... 2 bites of a bagel with creme cheese, small bite of a pina colada cake, m&m's = 5 points

Points so far: 15 points (I get 20 points per day)

Today when I went to do my hair, my hairdresser asked me when was I gonna make a hair color change. I told her next time I go back, which should be around mid-June, I would have more guts and I would do something different!! lol
Yesterday, I walked the dogs for about 30 minutes. I am doing the Corporate Run next Thursday and I haven't even done any exercise for it =( It's only a 5K, so it shouldn't be too bad. Just in case, I think I will be walking everyday until then!!
I will be showing weekly weigh ins here on Mondays. I picked Monday, so that I would have to be strict on myself during the weekends.
So do you give yourself so much slack to lose weight that you aren't losing? Do you think it's time to be a little harder on yourself?


  1. From Ivett:

    Hey! Love the blog! I'll be doing the Corporate Run too, except I'll be walking. I love doing this every year with my job. Someday I'll run it - maybe next year!

    198?! Holy cow (pun intended)! NEVER AGAIN!

    I do need to be harder on myself. I'll admit that I've slacked off after I lost the weight. I've maintained the weight, but I've lost sight of my goal.

    Great blog!

  2. Thanks!!!!

    When you comment, click on Comment as: and then choose Name/URL....then you type your name and it will show up on your comment.

    I think you would do great writing up a blog!! I hope you get inspired and start one.

    Until then, I hope you comment everyday!!! =)


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