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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do I Dare???

OK, so just because I haven't been walking lately and never run and don't go to the gym is NO excuse not to try! I started walking again for the last two days and I plan on continuing walking on a daily basis, I have 3 complete months to get ready for this!!! I will be calling them today, to see if there is a time limit. If there is none, then nothing can stop me. If there is, then I may be screwed and I will be pissed. Let's see what happens.

Though I did start the walking again, the eating hasn't been too good. I MUST reach goal by my birthday, because I want to get the dress for the wedding and be ready for all the parties. I MUST be back under 150 before the Baby Shower.

When I started walking again, the feeling of freedom and health felt so good. If you haven't felt this, I really suggest that you begin taking walks before or after dinner, it definitely feels good.

I am trying to get my act together....NO.....I AM GETTING MY ACT TOGETHER!!!

Sea ya!

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