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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I need more of it!

I need more time. 24 hours is just not enough.
work - 8 hours
drive - 2 hours
sleep - 7 hours
lunch - 1 hour
cook dinner and eat - 1 hour
shower and shower my mom - 1 hour, 30 minutes
dogs dinner and playtime - 30 minutes
miscellaneous house and backyard - 1 hour
exercise - 1 hour
prepare next day lunch - 30 min

That is 23.5 hours already and I was being kind on miscellaneous house, because I NEVER stop in the house. Also, I didn't include grocery shopping and hundreds of other things that I usually do. It is no wonder that I have no time lol

Oh well, this is something that I cannot change, so I better continue to learn to live with what I have and do the best I can.

I have been doing good on the diet and I am looking forward to the weekend so that I can do a little more exercise!

Sea ya!!

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